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D-PROTIN Chocolate Flavour Powder – Specially Formulated for Diabetics & Pre-Diabetics - 400 GM

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Key Facts:

  • Scientifically formulated to provide excellent glucose control, by slow release of energy for all day sustenance
  • Contains high quality soy protein to support muscle mass along with 28 essential vitamins and minerals
  • High in MUFA (Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids) and low in Saturated fats aids in better heart health
  • Gluten free, Sugar free, Transfat free

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D-Protin is a specialized nutritional supplement that enhances the nutritive value in restricted diet. D-Protin serves as a diet regulator, which can be used as a snack between meals to assist effective glucose control.


  • Balanced Nutritional Supplement
  • Complimented along with healthy meal plan, as a snack or to replace part of a meal
  • Fibre enriched

How to use:

  • Add two scoops (30g) of D-Protin to about 100ml of lukewarm milk or water.
  • Stir well till completely dissolved.
  • Recommended two servings, as a mid-morning snack and before retiring to bed


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