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Short description:

  • Antiseptic soap with Vitamin E
  • For gentle and complete skin protection
  • Contains Cetrimide
  • Suitable for baby and sensitive skins
  • Cruelty free

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This soap is made from pure vegetable oils and Cetremide which is an excellent antibacteria. The Vitamin E in Cetrim Soap works as an antioxidant and protect cells against UV damage. It also contains glycerin that prevents skin from excessive drying by forming an occlusive film.


  • Sterilizes the skin after its use
  • Soothes and softens skin
  • Improves skin’s firmess and texture
  • Helps reverse wrinkles and ageing
  • Makes the skin fairer

How to use:

  • Rub gently over all body parts.
  • Work up a rich lather and leave for five minutes.
  • Wash thoroughly.

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