Fight Against Virus In Dubai, UAE

Protect Yourself - Your Trustworthy Partner in the Fight Against Novel Coronavirus

Soon after the inception of pandemic covid 19, the world has turned upside down. Literally, this pandemic has grabbed and adversely affected our life. Almost the entire globe is gripped under tremendous fear. Most of the services and activities in many countries have been temporarily halted. However, life never comes to a full stop

Protect Yourself is a leading supplier of covid products in the United Arab Emirates. In the fight against virus in Dubai, you can use accessories supplied by us. Take the following precautions and surely all of us will emerge victorious in the fight against this disease.

❏ Maintain personal hygiene. Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
❏ Always wear a face mask especially in public places
❏ Use hand sanitizer frequently
❏ Avoid physical contact such as a handshake. Use gestures for greetings
❏ Maintain some distance from other person
❏ Boost your overall immunity power and take multivitamin

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